3 Ways Procurement Can Help Increase Revenue

    The role of procurement has evolved into a strategic department that can help increase revenue. No longer is the sourcing of goods and services done out of some dark and distant office with the sole purpose of finding the best suppliers for the best cost. Procurement is often front-and-center in the overall business strategy in many companies, as its value lends itself to these three core pillars for success: increasing revenue, operational efficiency, and retaining talent. In regards to increasing revenue, here are three ways your procurement team can positively influence your bottom line.

    How A National Vending Account Provides Consistency For Organizations

    The need for consistency is pervasive in both our personal and professional lives. It's what helps us cope with the complexities of the world around us and become more efficient versions of ourselves. The same holds true for organizations. In order to outperform your competition, your company needs to achieve maximum efficiency. One way to accomplish this is through consistent frameworks and processes, be it with an IT service or a facilities maintenance plan. Or, in this case, a national vending program.

    3 Tips for Reporting a Service Issue with Your Vending Machine

    If you have vending machines in your office, it's inevitable that there will be a service problem every so often. Most times, the issues are minor and can be resolved quickly. When calling your vending company to report a problem, it's important to be as specific as possible when describing the issues. Here are three tips for reporting service issues with your vending machines.

    What To Do About Your Bad Vending Machine Service

    Poor vending machine service is an unfortunate reality for some businesses. From bad equipment to empty slots to rude associates, service problems like these can leave you frustrated and wanting to find a replacement, or do away with vending services altogether. That very well might be the outcome for a small handful of customers. But more often then not you can take certain measures to improve the service you're receiving.

    4 Common Service Calls to Expect in a Vending Management Program

    When companies first decide to inquire about finding a nationwide vending machine program, they often want to know what it looks like and how it works. Especially if they've never worked with a vending management company before. Common questions include:

    How to Procure the Right Vending Management Service

    As a purchasing professional, you know that sourcing goods and services for your organization is no easy task. It's a multi-step process that includes a lot of research and supplier evaluation before a final decision is made. The last thing you want is to sign a contract and immediately regret it. The same holds true for a vending management program.

    How to Get Vending Machines for Multiple Properties

    Vending machines.jpgIf you wanted to get vending machines installed at each of your properties nationwide, where would you begin? Probably with Coca-Cola or Pepsi, right?  After all, both companies have a global presence--and you see their vending equipment everywhere--so it should be simple to set up a national plan with either company to provide vending services for more than one location. 

    Why Your Property was Denied a Vending Machine

    How come we can't get a vending machine for every location? It's one of the most common questions we get from customers in our vending management programs. If our agreement is to manage vending for all the properties in a company's portfolio, then every property should have vending, right? The answer isn't necessarily clear-cut. It's actually a bit of a gray area that involves a variety of factors. 

    Vending Technology & The Experience Economy: 8 Companies Transforming An Industry

    Vending machine technology has made significant strides in recent years. The days of managing account information on paper are long gone, and it's now easier than ever for vending companies to track, measure, and service locations.

    Thanks to the development of new software programs, operators are given a bird's-eye view of their entire business all the way down to specific items in the machines. But what does this mean for consumers?