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    Do Healthy Vending Machine Snacks Really Exist?

    A quick search online for 'healthy vending machine snacks' results in a series of websites that list products they claim to be healthy. Some of the items listed include chips and candy products such as Baked! Lays and Peanut M&Ms. Perhaps those are healthier choices than other selections, but are they actually good for you?

    6 Healthy Drinks to Keep Stocked in Your Vending Machine

    Healthy drinks in a vending machine might seem like an oxymoron. After all, vending machines have traditionally been stocked with sugary sodas. But tastes have changed. People are more conscious of what types of foods and drinks they put into their bodies. Low-sugar options are high on their list. The good news is that those big soda brands do provide a variety of healthier beverage options.

    3 Energy-Saving Devices Every Hotel Should Use

    Energy is one of the biggest costs hotels have to manage.  In fact, hotels spend about $2,200 dollars per guest room a year on energy alone. The majority is spent on HVAC, lighting, ventilation, and water consumption.

    In recent years, hoteliers have increased their focus on energy reduction as a result of consumer demand and to help alleviate their impact on the environment and reduce costs.

    10 Complaints About Vending Machine Companies

    When you think of vending machines, it's likely to conjure up an image of an old soda machine sitting in some dark corner that's only good for stealing your money. It's a shame, too. There are some high quality vending machines out there now, equipped with the latest tech to pique the interest of Elon Musk. Okay, perhaps not. But they've come a very long way. Still, like any industry there are a regular flow of complaints about vending machine services.

    3 Reasons Your Vending Machine Commissions Suddenly Decreased

    One of the benefits of a national vending program is the ability to generate ancillary revenue from the vending machines at all your properties. In aggregate, this can be a significant source of extra income for your business and add to the bottom line. The amount of commissions each machine generates varies depending on a variety of factors, but nevertheless the extra revenue is just that—extra cash for your company.

    Why Hiring a Quality Vending Machine Service Matters to Your Business

    Hard work up front pays off. It's why we have maxims like "measure twice and cut once." Sure, it's a pain to go back and check your work, but you can save yourself a lot of headaches in the end. This holds true when hiring a vending machine company to provide service for your location. It's not exactly hard work, but it can be tedious. Especially when there are more pressing matters to deal with. Not taking the time to properly research your vending service provider can result in a lot of problems down the road. Here are five reasons to ensure you hire a quality vending machine service for your business.

    7 Vending Machine Snacks for Your Low-Carb Diet

    A low-carb diet is an excellent way to loose weight and stay healthy. From the Keto to Atkins, there are several variations of diets that aim to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you consume. But as we all know, there are times where following a strict diet becomes a challenge. For example, when you're busy at work and find yourself at the vending machine for a quick snack to hold you over. We've all been there.

    7 Ways to Add Value to Your Apartment Communities

    As more new properties are built, increasing the value of existing multifamily assets becomes more important. Investing in or even upgrading older properties can significantly impact resident retention rates, as well as help attract new tenants. Ranging from easy to difficult, here are seven ways to add value to communities in your portfolio.

    5 Interesting Facts About Vending Machines You Didn't Know

    There are nearly 5 Million Vending Machines in the United States

    When you think of even the biggest chain stores (Walmart, Home Depot, Starbucks), the amount of their locations added up together don't even come close to the number of vending machines across the United States.

    Top Procurement Solutions for Hotel Management

    In hospitality, success is closely tied to procurement. All the equipment, supplies, and services bought and used have a direct impact on the guest experience. The beds you purchase need to be comfortable. The computers and digital tools used need to be reliable. Food and beverage vendors need to provide quality service. All of these elements affect the opinions your guests have about your hotel, and it mostly falls on hotel procurement teams to deliver. That means having the right solutions available. Here are some of the top software, services, and procurement companies your team can use to better manage its purchasing process.