Resources to Help with Your Office Break Room Makeover

    An office break room is more than just a place for employees to eat lunch. It's where they can decompress after a long, intense meeting or stressful phone call, or stretch their legs and get brief change of scenery. It's also a place for them to learn about each other more and develop strong working relationships.

    Why Consistency Matters to Your Employees

    Employees crave consistency, not complacency.  The former gives the security needed to manage responsibilities effectively and reach both personal and company goals. The latter is a surefire way to kill productivity and effectiveness. That's why it's essential for organizations to understand the difference so they can help develop a workplace in which employees grow and thrive. 

    Vending Machines vs. Micro-Market/Pantry: Which Is The Right Choice For Your Office

    For a long time, vending machines were just about the only way to provide snacks and beverages for employees.  But times have changed, and employers are putting more effort into developing break rooms that offer more than a stiff metal chair and the rattling of the air conditioner in the ceiling. Micro-markets and pantries have become increasingly popular as they help increase efficiency and convenience for employees. But which option is best for you?