How A National Vending Program Works

    Companies that want to consolidate their vending machine services into a national account are able to do so through a vending management program. If you're conducting research into single-source vending solutions for your organization, a national program is the way to go. Not only does it help you generate revenue, but it can keep your company focused on core business initiatives and help reduce risks associated with vendors on site. 

    Resources to Help with Your Office Break Room Makeover

    An office break room is more than just a place for employees to eat lunch. It's where they can decompress after a long, intense meeting or stressful phone call, or stretch their legs and get brief change of scenery. It's also a place for them to learn about each other more and develop strong working relationships.

    Reducing the Risks of Your Onsite Vendors & Suppliers

    Property managers and management companies face a variety of risks associated with tenants on a near-daily basis. Safety concerns, pet policies, damage, defaulting on rent...the list goes on and on. Throw in all the vendors and contractors that come on site and it becomes clear that a proper risk management strategy is essential. Included in that strategy should be procedures for vetting the vendors you use.

    3 Challenges Facing Hospitality and How Procurement Can Help

    Constant changes in procurement these days in any industry requires a high degree of agility if an organization wants to stay competitive. In hospitality and hotel management, guest preferences force hotel procurement departments to stay abreast of multiple trends at once. Not keeping pace can only spell bad news for your hotel(s) and impact them in a variety of ways, namely revenue. Here are three challenges hotels are up against and how procurement teams can help.

    How Ignoring Your Suppliers Can Impact Residents

    The process of procuring goods and services for multifamily housing doesn't end once contracts are signed and the on-boarding process is complete. In fact, there is no end: as any procurement professional regardless of industry will attest to, ongoing communication with suppliers is essential to maximizing efficiency, reducing risks, and developing strong partnerships.

    5 TED Talks to Help Develop the Soft Skills Needed In Procurement

    When it comes to the skills needed in the workplace, there's typically a strong emphasis on technical abilities, often referred to as hard skills. But soft skills are equally important, and in procurement they can really impact your level of success. The important soft skills needed for procurement professionals to be successful include:

    3 Ways Procurement Can Help Increase Revenue

    The role of procurement has evolved into a strategic department that can help increase revenue. No longer is the sourcing of goods and services done out of some dark and distant office with the sole purpose of finding the best suppliers for the best cost. Procurement is often front-and-center in the overall business strategy in many companies, as its value lends itself to these three core pillars for success: increasing revenue, operational efficiency, and retaining talent. In regards to increasing revenue, here are three ways your procurement team can positively influence your bottom line.

    Trending in Vending: 5 Noteworthy Stories

    As with every industry, there's always something changing in vending or news stories worth sharing. New products, technology, and strategies are always being tried and tested. Here are five noteworthy stories from the vending industry.

    5 Tips for Choosing a Vending Machine Service in Chicago, IL

    Finding the best vending machine company in the Chicago, IL area isn't easy. Not because there aren't good companies to choose from, but because there are so many. We would know: as a vending management company, we work with a lot of great suppliers all around the country, and Chicago is no different. But how do you choose the right service for your workplace? Here are five tips to help you decide.

    10 Lunch Break Options In Chicago

    Chicagoans work hard. How else would the city be ranked as the third largest in the United States? But you know what they say--work hard, break hard. Okay, maybe that's not the saying, but we're going with it. Because as hard as Chicago works, there's got to be some quality places to go on your lunch break to refuel.