How To Get a Vending Machine for Your Office

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    If you're running a business and looking for ways to make your staff and customers feel appreciated, getting a soda vending machine is the perfect amenity. But how do you get one? Use this guide to help get the vending services you want.

    6 Simple Steps to Getting a Vending Machine

    Before you begin, it's important to know there are two ways to get vending machines. Buying the equipment and filling it yourself (known as 'self-fill' vending), and signing up for a full-service program in which there is no cost for the vending machine(s). Assuming you've chosen the latter approach, here's how to get vending services.

    1. Figure out your needs.

    Do you want just soda? Or are you looking for soda and snacks? What about healthy vending? The first step to getting vending services is to figure out what you want. Not all vending companies will be able to provide you with what your particular needs are. 

    2. Decide what flavors you want.

    Once you know what type of vending machines your location will need, you'll have to decide which flavors you want. There's always a lot of debate over which is better, Coke or Pepsi. Take a poll from your employees or customers and see what brand is more popular.

    3. Choose a location. 

    This step is crucial. For the success of any vending machine, it needs to sell enough product for the supplier to maintain service. Be sure to have it installed in a high-traffic area that has enough room for the equipment. The average size of a vending machine is 72x38x35. Check out this size guide for more information.

    4. Contact providers.

    You know what you need. You know what flavors you want. You know where the machine will go. Now it's time to contact a provider. A quick Google search will yield plenty of results. Try speaking with a few different vendors to see which one will suit your needs best. Once you've decided on a company to use, they will want to visit your property to do a quick site survey to determine if it will be a good fit for them to service.

    5. Schedule the installation.

    After the supplier decides to place a machine at your business, it will be about 7-10 business before it's actually placed on your property. Give your provider enough notice for when you'd like the machine installed. However, be understanding to their scheduling concerns. Installing a vending machine is a logistical process.

    6. Enjoy!

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    Here's an even easier way to get a vending machine:

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