5 Interactive Coke Machines From Around The World

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    In a previous post, we talked about strange vending machines from around the world. We covered everything from machines dispensing crabs in China to one that sells gold in Abu Dhabi. But when it comes to interactive drink machines, it's hard to beat Coca-Cola. They combined their 'Happiness' marketing campaign with the latest in vending technology to create some truly unique Coke vending machines

    1. Dance for a Coke.

    This Coke machine in South Korea uses Microsoft's Kinect technology to register the movement of its customers. The more dances moves they mimic, the more soda the machine dispenses.

    2. Even vending machines like hugs.

    Vending machines have feelings, too. This drink machine at the National University in Singapore vends product when someone gives it a hug. Aw!

    3. So different, yet so much the same.

    Despite decades of political differences, Coke machines in Lahore, Pakistan and New Delhi, India help unite shoppers from both worlds.

    4. Buy a Coke for another country!

    Who remember's Coca-Cola's "Hilltop" ad from the 1970's? Coke partnered with Google to combine the spirit of the ad with modern-day technology.  Through a mobile app linked to certain vending machines, you can buy someone a Coke who lives in another country.

    5. Sing a Christmas song and get a Coke.

    Coke's 'Sing for Me' machine in Stockholm, Sweden rewards customers with a drink when they sing their favorite Christmas carol. 






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