The Importance of Taking Breaks at Work

    Think about the most productive people you know. Do they work non-stop for hours on end? It's likely they don't. 

    A lot of people make the false assumption that being productive means keeping your head down and moving from one task to the next without taking a break. There are plenty of studies that show how this approach to work can have a negative impact on performance.

    How to Procure the Right Vending Management Service

    As a purchasing professional, you know that sourcing goods and services for your organization is no easy task. It's a multi-step process that includes a lot of research and supplier evaluation before a final decision is made. The last thing you want is to sign a contract and immediately regret it. The same holds true for a vending management program.

    Dried Fruit: Good or Bad For You?

    Dried fruit is a common item in vending machines, especially when healthy snacks are requested. Most people assume dried fruit is good for you because, well, it's fruit! But is it healthy? Some argue it is, while others swear it's nothing more than candy. The answer, however, is not as simple as a 'yes' or a 'no.'

    How to Get Vending Machines for Multiple Properties

    Vending machines.jpgIf you wanted to get vending machines installed at each of your properties nationwide, where would you begin? Probably with Coca-Cola or Pepsi, right?  After all, both companies have a global presence--and you see their vending equipment everywhere--so it should be simple to set up a national plan with either company to provide vending services for more than one location. 

    Vending Machines and the Future of Retail

    Vending machines have a long history of providing a convenient way for people to purchase merchandise, most notably sodas and snacks. But what if they also sold shirts? Or coats? Or accessories? That's the direction in which some retailers are going. 

    Engagement is the Key to Improving Workplace Productivity

    Remember having substitute teachers back in grade school? It was almost always a welcoming surprise, especially if you forgot to complete an assignment that was due. Upon learning of your teacher's absence, you'd let out a sigh of relief, then do whatever busy work you were handed to pass the time.

    While that approach might work for high school, keeping your employees busy for the sake of being busy might not be the best strategy for the workplace.

    Coffee Pot vs. Single-Serve Coffee Machine: Which is Better for Your Office?

    Every workplace needs coffee. Whether it's for a small office or a large manufacturing facility, coffee is the fuel that gets people going in the morning. But what kind of coffee machine is best for your office? Should you use an office coffee service to handle it for you?

    Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners: The Pros and Cons

    It's the start of a new year, which means new resolutions for many people. If your goals include eating healthier, then perhaps you're taking a serious look at how much your sugar intake is each day and figuring out how to cut back on it. Maybe you've decided to replace some of your favorite snacks or drinks with sugar-free or diet versions. Whatever your approach, it's important to stay informed.

    7 Employee Wellness Programs for a Small Budget

    Have you ever eaten a bunch of junk food then tried to do something active? How about lay around the house all day then suddenly attempt to clean out the closet that you've been meaning to organize for months? You probably weren't all that motivated to give it your best shot. Now, just think about this idea in terms of the workplace. How effective can employees be if they're not eating healthy and remain stationary nearly all day every day?

    5 Healthy Snacks to Bring to The Office

    It can be tough to eat healthy while at work. All the sugary and trans fat loaded foods in the break room makes it even more difficult. Besides, with all the time constraints it's a wonder some people have time for a meal at all!