Your Most Pressing Vending Machine Questions Answered

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    Wooden Blocks with the text FaqsGetting a vending machine for your office is a great way to provide employees and customers with easy access to a variety of beverages and snacks. It's a simple way to keep them refreshed and energized. But before getting vending machines installed, there's usually some questions you want answers to first. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about vending services.

    1. How Much Do Vending Machines Cost?

    This is by far the most frequently asked question we get, and the answer is often surprising to some. Vending machines can be FREE. With a full-service program, vending operators will install and maintain the equipment at no cost. However, if you decide you want to stock the machine yourself and want to buy the vending machine, it will cost about $3,000-$5,000. But it mostly depends on your needs. Check out our blog post about vending machine costs.

    2. How Big Are Vending Machines?

    When considering to get a vending machine for your business, it's important to make sure you have enough room. Vending machines vary in size depending on the model but are generally 80 inches tall and 40 inches wide, and have a depth of about 35 inches. Visit our vending machine size guide for more information.

    3. How Many Selections Does A Vending Machine Have?

    Much like the size of vending machines, the number of selections they hold vary depending on the model. Most soda machines hold 8-10 selections. Snack machines can hold up to 40 items. But it's important to remember that sizes vary, and depending on space and supplier requirements, the vending machine installed in your workplace could be smaller.

    4. What's The Vending Machine Installation Process Like?

    For a full-service program, vending companies will want to do a site survey first to determine if your location will be a good account. The number of employees and/or customers at your business is one of the biggest considerations they will make. Once they determine if there will be enough sales to support servicing a vending machine, they will install one. This process typically takes up to 21 days.

    5. How Often Will The Vending Machines Be Serviced?

    The frequency with which your vending machines will be service depends on how much product is sold. The faster the machine sells the product, the faster it will need to be stocked. Likewise, if the machine doesn't sell much, the period between service will be longer. 


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