Women Leaders in the Food & Beverage and Vending Services Industries

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    In the wake of our country nominating the first woman presidential candidate of a major political party, we decided to highlight some of the female leaders within our own industry. From vending services to the food and beverage business as a whole, executive positions at a variety of companies are held by women.

    This is no small feat--the industry (beverage bottling in particular) was typically a "male-dominated, blue-collar job," says former CEO of Snapple Mike Weinstein.

    But times have changed. Below are five high-level female executives that are leading the industry with poise.

    1. Indra Nooyi, Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo

    Nooyi is the fifth CEO in Pepsico's history. She's been working hard--and delivering--on her vision for healthier foods, environmental sustainability, and a more inclusive workplace. "Performance with Purpose," Nooyi explains, "means just what it says. It is delivering results in the right way, in a sustained way. It means we live our values and do so in a way that fuels our performance. We like to think of it as the way we strive to 'future-proof' of PepsiCo."

    2. Kathy N. Waller, CFO of Coca-Cola

    Kathy N. Waller has been with The Coca-Cola Company for nearly 30 years. She steadily climbed her way into executive leadership from starting out as a Senior Accountant. Waller is responsible for representing the company to investors and its global finance efforts. 

    3. Heidi Chico, CEO of the Wittern Group

    Chico is now the CEO of the vending machine manufacturing company, that began 80 years ago by her grandfather. She also serves as the Chair Elect for the National Automatic Merchandizing Association's (NAMA) Board of Directors.

    4. Irene Rosenfeld, Chairman & CEO of Mondelez International

    Rosenfeld held senior leadership positions before Kraft Food Group had split, forming Mondelez, an international snack and candy company. She was instrumental in several mergers and acquisitions over the years, most notably for the Nabisco acquisition.

    5. Jennifer Cue, CEO of Jones Soda

    Before becoming CEO in 2012, Cue was responsible for strategic business consulting, private investment initiatives, and financial advising.   



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