What is a Pantry and How Can Hotels Leverage Their Value?

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    A hotel pantry can provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, requires no additional staff, and can be installed at no cost to you! 

    So why aren’t we seeing them in more hotels?

    There are a few misconceptions regarding introducing a pantry. There is a perceived high upfront cost and skepticism regarding profitability. That doesn’t have to be the case! There are so many benefits to introducing a pantry to your national hotel chain. 

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    The Benefits of Pantries for Hotels

    First of all, they’re incredibly convenient for guests. Imagine traveling for weeks without end across the country for work or pleasure, or you’re a rock star on tour. Whatever the reason may be, chances are you will need some creature comforts at inconvenient times like 2:00 am on a Sunday. How likely would you be to venture out in search of a convenience store to get that MUST NEED ITEM? How much happier would you be to know it’s just in the lobby? That would probably make your life quite a bit easier. pantries are the answer to making on-premises purchases all the easier. It’s a win-win. 

    That’s also because it is an additional revenue stream for national hotel chains. pantries can be a profitable source of revenue. By offering a wide variety of products, hotels can appeal to a range of guest preferences and generate additional sales. pantries generate revenue in various ways, including using software and analytics tools to track inventory and sales data, which can help optimize pricing, product selection, and restocking schedules. This can help to maximize revenue by ensuring that popular products are always available and that inventory levels are optimized to minimize waste.

    But more importantly, your guests will be happy! Leading to better reviews and overall improved customer satisfaction. Making easy accessibility to a variety of snacks, drinks, or hygiene products with minimal transaction costs is great for all parties involved. Your guests will certainly appreciate it. 

     Implementing a Pantry in Your Hotel

    We’re sure by now you’re ready to implement a pantry in your hotels. Fantastic! There are just a few things you’re going to want to consider. 

    There is a little bit of an upfront cost. pantries require an initial investment in equipment, such as coolers, shelving, and vending machines, as well as software to manage inventory and sales. Additionally, pantries require regular restocking, cleaning, and upkeep, which can add to the ongoing costs of operating the store.

    The location of the pantry within the hotel can also impact its success. Consider factors such as foot traffic, visibility, and accessibility when selecting a location for the store. Where do guests tend to congregate or pass through most often? You’ll want to designate an area that is easily accessible for all guests, and be sure that it is handicap accessible as well. The more foot traffic, the better! You want people to see the market and know it’s an option before they search for the closest 7-11.

    Product selection is also important. ​​The success of a pantry depends on the products it offers. Consider the preferences and needs of your guests when selecting products to stock. A mix of snacks, beverages, and other convenience items can appeal to a wide range of guests. Think about stocking travel minis, like shampoo, toothpaste, and lotions. The things people would forget to pack. They will prove incredibly lucrative for your market, and helpful to your guests!

    What Are the Main Benefits of a Pantry?

    Many hotels already use pantries as an additional amenity for their guests, but the decision to implement a pantry ultimately depends on the individual hotel's needs, budget, and guest preferences.

    Generally speaking, pantries provide more variety when it comes to product offerings. Guests love the variety that is simply not available when dealing with a machine. For example, guests have access to toiletries or over the counter medications, which would not be available in a machine. Similarly, they can buy alcohol, which a machine would not be able to provide. That will certainly bring in some revenue to boost that bottom line!

    As technology continues to evolve and new payment systems and inventory management tools become available, it's possible that more hotels will adopt pantries to stay competitive and meet the changing needs of their guests. Overall, implementing a pantry requires careful planning and consideration of factors such as cost, location, product selection, pricing strategy, technology, and food safety. By addressing these factors, hotels can create a successful and profitable pantry that enhances the guest experience.

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