What Exactly Is A Healthy Vending Machine?

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    Vending machine placementVending machines often get a bad rap. "They're full of junk food," many people say. For a long time, that was an accurate statement. But as eating habits have changed in recent years as many people are more conscious about the foods they consume, the vending industry has upgraded to provide products that align with healthier eating habits. Items that have fewer calories and are lower in sugar are frequently sold through vending machines. 

    Healthy Vending Machines

    Vending machines now offer items that are considered healthier than traditional snacks like candy bars and potato chips. Here are some healthy items that you can have stocked in your machine to make it more appealing for health-conscious users:

    • Nuts
    • Granola bars
    • Pretzels
    • Protein bars
    • Popcorn

    While vending machines that sell healthy items like yogurts or fresh salads exist, they can be hard to sell. And since they're fresh, the items can quickly go bad. 

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