Trending in Vending: 5 Noteworthy Stories

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    As with every industry, there's always something changing in vending or news stories worth sharing. New products, technology, and strategies are always being tried and tested. Here are five noteworthy stories from the vending industry.

    Xenco Medical, a medical technology company based in San Diego, deployed the first interactive vending machines designed for spine surgery instruments and implants. The machines will "house, track and dispense its breakthrough, entirely disposable spine surgery implant and instrument systems, which are engineered from a highly durable composite polymer."

    Coca-Cola's sustainability efforts are on full display at select universities to stay hydrated without dispensing packaged bottles. DASANI PureFill offers students access to free water, or--for a small fee--they can purchase zero-calorie flavors. First rolled out at the Georgia Institute of Technology campus in Atlanta, the machines are now available at Ohio State University and University of Central Florida, with other "schools, hospitals and at-work locations are eyeing rollouts in the coming months."

    Are we entering the golden age of vending machines? It's quite possible. As this article from The Spoon points out, vending equipment is no longer the unsightly [fixture] dispensing drinks and snacks. Ramen, beer, and (as mentioned above) medical products, are sold through vending machines that are sleek and easier on the eyes.

    Pepsi is also ramping up its sustainability efforts with a similar approach to Coca-Cola's. Pepsi's recent product launch--a beverage dispenser that prompts users to refill their own bottles--helps crack down on the use of disposable plastic bottles. 

    Vending operators looking to increase sales should consider adding cashless options to their equipment. According to this study, vending machines that sold less than $2,000 in a year increased sales by 110% by adding credit card readers or other cashless payment options. 


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