Trending in Vending: 5 Noteworthy Stories

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    Woman use of soft drink vending system paying by cellphone

    As with every industry, there's always something changing in vending. New products, technology, and strategies are always being tried and tested. Here are five noteworthy stories from the vending industry.

    New York-based startup Cargo wants to turn your rides-hare service into a vending machine. It's a win-win situation: drivers can earn more cash and passengers can purchase snacks or other items. 

    SweeTARTS Gummies are now a thing. The brand had surveyed over 1,000 college students and found that 76% prefer gummy candies to chewy, hard, or licorice varieties. 

    A new report suggests that caffeine sensitivity can be based on your metabolism. In the study, Dr. J.W. Langer examines why some people can have multiple cups of coffee and not be affected by the caffeine, while others can have much less and be wired for hours.

    Pepsico aquires Bare Snacks, furthering the Performance With Purpose agenda. Bare products are made from simple ingredients and baked, not fried.

    This Walmart pickup tower like a high-tech vending machine, allowing customers to conveniently pickup items purchased online.


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