Top Procurement Solutions for Hotel Management

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    In hospitality, success is closely tied to procurement. All the equipment, supplies, and services bought and used have a direct impact on the guest experience. The beds you purchase need to be comfortable. The computers and digital tools used need to be reliable. Food and beverage vendors need to provide quality service. All of these elements affect the opinions your guests have about your hotel, and it mostly falls on hotel procurement teams to deliver. That means having the right solutions available. Here are some of the top software, services, and procurement companies your team can use to better manage its purchasing process.

    Hospitality Procurement Solutions


    Without the right software, hotels can get stuck managing procurement efforts, on paper or in messy spreadsheets. Powerful and agile digital tools can help streamline these functions:

    • Supplier management
    • Contract management
    • Spend analysis
    • e-Procurement

    Some popular hotel procurement software includes:


    Not strictly software for procurement, Inn-Flow helps hotels manage a whole host of functions such as accounting, labor, and payroll.


    Coupa provides one platform for managing all your spending needs in one place.


    Procurify is "the purchasing software your team actually wants to use." This procurement software helps manage the approval process and purchasing workflows with an easy-to-use platform.

    Consolidate vending services for all your hotels into a national account.

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    Procurement Companies (FF&E/OS&E)

    Outsourcing the purchasing of furniture, operating supplies, and equipment saves a lot of time and money. There are many options for hotel procurement teams to choose from:

    Carroll Adams

    Benjamin West

    Bray Whaler


    Other Services

    Outside of purchasing equipment, furniture, and software, there are services hotel management groups can use to help manage hotels better... they include....

    Vending Management

    Most hotels have vending machines to provide drinks and snacks for guests. For hotel management groups with multiple locations, vending needs for each property can spiral into a big mess. Vending management helps consolidate these services into a national account.

    Laundry Services

    Using a nationwide laundry service can reduce the time and hassle required of managing washers and dryers for hotels.

    Landscaping Services

    Another procurement solution for hotels is using a national landscaping service. Doing so consolidates landscaping needs into a single account, so there's only one invoice and one contract for all hotels managed under a management group's purview.


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