Top 10 Perks To Offer Your Employees

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    What's the most valuable asset to any company? Most managers would agree that it's the people. Your employees are there day-in and day-out, helping propel your business forward in a myriad of ways. So why not create a workplace in which everyone is happy and proud to work? 

    The 21st Century employee is equally focused on salary as they are quality of life. After all, what's the point of making a good salary if your health and family suffers?

    It's become commonplace among many companies to offer a wide variety of benefits and perks that go above and beyond providing a water cooler or vending machines in the breakroom. But which ones are best? Here are ten perks you should consider offering employees.

    10 Perks To Offer Your Employees

    1. Flexible Schedule (e.g. work from home)

    With how easy it is to connect remotely through the internet, it's almost hard to believe companies wouldn't have a work-from-home policy. Not having to deal with the commute, saving money on gas, and being in the comfort of your own home helps eliminate stress and improves focus. 

    2. Onsite Fitness Center/Gym Membership

    A wellness program is beneficial to both the employee and the employer, and should be used to your strategic advantage. Employees who are healthier cost less in health insurance fees, and are generally happier and more productive.

    3. Generous Maternity/Paternity Leave

    Maternity leave has been a hot topic lately, and for good reason. One perk that employees love is having time to adjust to having a baby. Offering extended time off, such as eight weeks (paid), goes a long way.

    4. Performance Bonus

    Who doesn't like getting rewarded for their hard work? There are a variety of ways to provide incentives for your employees when they reach specific or measurable goals. Consider offering a performance bonus for their achievements. Just be sure to choose the one that best fits your company culture. 

    5. Ping Pong Table

    It might seem counter-productive to have games available to employees. They are, after all, there to do work. But having something like a ping pong table for employees to use is a great way for them take a break and maybe relieve some stress. It gets the blood flowing and provides an opportunity to mix and mingle with coworkers.

    6. Onsite Spa Services

    Having an onsite masseuse is a great way to help relieve stress in your employees, which can help reduce the amount of mistakes they make throughout the week. If having a full-time masseuse is too expensive, consider having one that will visit the office once a month for a day.

    7. Unlimited PTO

    You might think this is a little too generous. But affording employees the freedom to take time off whenever they want to, they'll be more focused on getting the work done. This approach also builds trust between employee and employer.

    8. Childcare Assistance

    Two-income families are a norm these days, which makes managing kids tough. And expensive. Consider offering onsite childcare or a stipend to help pay for it. Daycare can be very expensive, and employees will be grateful for this perk.

    9. Holiday Recess

    How much work actually gets done between Christmas and New Years? Probably very little. Why not offer the week off to everyone? It gives employees more time to spend with their families and helps eliminate babysitting issues for working parents with kids who are out of school.

    10. Vacation Stipend

     Chances are you did some work the last time you went on vacation. If you did, you're not alone. 66% of Americans have reported doing some work during their vacation time. Isn't the point of vacation to get away from work? Some companies such as Basecamp are testing the waters for a vacation stipend. They give employees a $5k stipend to go anywhere they want and encourage them to entirely disconnect from work. 







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