These Homemade Lego Vending Machines Can Dispense Burgers, Fries, Soda Or Coffee

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    Just when you thought you've seen all the Lego builds you could ever see, there comes a Lego vending machine. While there are no official sets, Astonishing Studios, a youtube channel dedicated to creating unique builds using Legos, proves that anything can be built. Their portfolio of vending machines can dispense anything from burgers and fries to coffee and soda. Check them out below!

    Lego Vending Machines

    1. Lego Starbuck's Coffee Machine



    2. Lego Burger King Vending Machine



    3. Lego M&M Candy Machine



    4. Lego Oreo Machine



    5. Lego McDonald's Vending Machine



    6. Lego Pizza Hut Vending Machine



    7. Lego Marvel Doctor Strange Vending Machine





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