Summer is Coming -- Is Your Soda Machine Ready?

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    Memorial Day is just about here, marking the beginning of the summer season! This weekend, millions of people will be celebrating as they remember and give thanks to those in the Armed Forces who help protect our freedoms. That means pools will officially open for summer, so be sure to get your soda vending machines back in working order.

    While property managers are busy getting ready for summerÛÓlandscaping, dusting off the pool furniture, making sure the water is clean and ready for funÛÓthe Coca-Cola or Pepsi machine in the corner can easily be overlooked. DonÛªt forget about it!

    Summer is the most demanding time of the year for vending operators, so be sure to contact your supplier right away to prepare your machine for the season. Also, be mindful of other events or holidays throughout the summer. If you know of a party coming up, let your supplier know ahead of time so they can make sure the machine is full of product.

    Contact us today to get your soda machine ready for summer!

    DonÛªt Have a Vending Machine? DonÛªt Worry!

    If you currently donÛªt have a soda machine for your pool area, itÛªs not too late to get one. But youÛªll have to act quickly. Install times usually run about 10-15 business days. Contact us today to see if your community qualifies for free soda vending services.


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