Soda Machine Saves Woman from Tornado

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    You may have heard of a recent story involving a soda machine and a tornado. No doubt an odd combination for the news, but not entirely since it is tornado season in parts of the country.

    According to the report, FedEx employee Kyra Johnson found herself stuck in the middle of a deadly tornado in Paincourtville, LA. Replacing fear with the need to survive, Johnson acted quickly and sought shelter behind a vending machine outside a local hardware store that had been closed. As the tornado blew over much of the store, Johnson was safe and sound next to the machine.

    WeÛªre happy that Johnson survived the terrifying ordeal. It also got us thinking about the way vending machines are made and their size. Are they really that durable?

    Machines that are built to last.

    A soda machine is made with four primary materials with the bulk of it being galvanized steel. Other materials include lexan, acrylic powder coatings, and polyurethane insulation. Add in the computer boards, coin and dollar bill mechanisms, and a compressor to keep the sodas cold, and it becomes an extremely heavy piece of equipment. Check out this article for more information about how vending machines are made.

    How big are soda machines?

    While equipment varies depending on the model, the average size of a vending machine is around 72"x39"x33". ThatÛªs certainly enough room for someone to hide behind from a tornado stream-rolling towards them. When itÛªs stocked full of product, the machine can weigh upwards of 650-700 pounds. View our vending machine size guide for more specifications on different machines.

    Needless to say, a soda machine is a very sturdy piece of equipment on its own. Although the machine Johnson hid behind had fallen over from the force of the winds, it's still a testament to the durability of vending machines.

    View the dramatic video below. WeÛªre happy that Ms. Johnson survived such a horrifying incident!


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