Resources to Help with Your Office Break Room Makeover

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    An office break room is more than just a place for employees to eat lunch. It's where they can decompress after a long, intense meeting or stressful phone call, or stretch their legs and get brief change of scenery. It's also a place for them to learn about each other more and develop strong working relationships.

    Just imagine your office without a break room. What would change if there wasn't one? 

    Successful companies like Google, Facebook, and Airbnb know the importance  and value of a quality office break room. Encouraging employees to step away from their work for a few moments here and therehas some pretty surprising benefits. 

    Benefits of an Office Break Room

    1. It can help improve company culture.

    From creating a sense of community to offering a comfortable place for employees to manage daily work stress, a break room brings your employees together, promoting a more collaborative work environment. 

    2. It can help improve productivity.

    It might sound counterproductive, but it's true. Taking breaks can improve your ability to focus, thereby increasing your overall productivity at work.

    3. It can attract talent.

    As the saying goes in real estate, it's a buyer's market right now. Talented employees have the pick of the litter for job offers, and if you're not offering great perks--like an inviting break room that's only part of a great work culture--then they will find somewhere that does.

    What company doesn't a great culture, increased productivity, and be a place where talented, hard-working people want to work? Here are some resources to help you create a better break room for your office.

    Resources to Help You Design a Better Break Room

    For Inspiration

    Sometimes it's hard to figure out, or even just explain, what you have in mind. For some inspiration, Pinterest is the place to go.

    design ideas for office break room

    Where to Buy Furniture 

    The purpose of a break room is to make it comfortable, so good furniture is an absolute must. It doesn't have to be expensive; just comfy.  There are many places to get break room furniture online, including:

    • National Business Furniture
    • Wayfair
    • Office Depot
    • Amazon
    • Worthington Direct
    • Staples

    Just to name a few.

    Food & Beverage Options

    Your break room isn't just about sitting around. It is where employees can eat lunch or grab a quick snack. Offering snack and beverage options is essential. It saves time and improves productivity by keeping staff on site, instead of driving to a store. Two ways to offer snacks include:


    A good break room needs decor. Some fancy artwork. Maybe not too fancy, but we're not talking the generic "inspirational" posters. Get creative. The right artwork can inspire employees. Some resources for wall art include: 

    iCanvas - provides thousands of canvas and framed art prints. - helps you find the art you love to enjoy your space more.

    Etsy - connects you with handmade artwork from all kinds of artists.


    If you're looking to make some really big changes to your office break room, then you'll likely need a general contractor. Sometimes a good one can be hard to find. If you're not able to get recommendations from friends or coworkers, here are two great resources:

    • Angie's List
    • Home Advisor

    Employees are your most valuable asset. Take the time to create a break room they will love and watch how it can assist in transforming your company into a great place to work.


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