Pepsi Pays Homage to Founder with New Flavor

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    PepsiCo has recently launched a new product: the all new 1893. The drink pays homage to the year when Pepsi was first created and sold by Caleb Bradham in his North Carolina pharmacy.


    Made with a blend of premium kola nut extract, real sugar, and sparkling water, 1893 is a result of Pepsi being motivated by both present consumer interests and the companyÛªs past. Currently, the drink is only sold at retail locations and are available in two flavors: Original Cola and Ginger Cola. WeÛªre not sure when Pepsi will make them available for vending machines, but they're sure to be a hot seller.


    And with all the talk about the past, we've become a bit nostalgic. While soda vending machines werenÛªt around in BradhamÛªs day, it wasnÛªt long before they were introduced, and they've come a long way. Here are some pictures of Pepsi vending machines through the decades. Do you remember using any of them?


    1. Vintage Pepsi Machine


    2. 1960-1970's Pepsi Machine


    3. Pepsi Machine from the 1980's


    4. 1990's Pepsi Machine


    5. Modern-Day, Glass Front Pepsi Machine


    My, how things have changed!



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