Pecan Pie Vending Machine

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    Deep in the heart of Texas, just outside Austin, is the Berdoll Pecan Farm. A 340-acre farm with over 100,000 pecan trees that grow a variety of pecans. It's pretty hard to miss if you're driving down Highway 71, as their unique roadside statue--a giant squirrel holding a pecan--aptly marks its location. 

    But just as important to see is the vending machine that sells freshly baked pecan pies. The pies became so popular that the farm needed a way to sell them 24/7. A vending machine was the perfect fit.

    So far it's the only vending machine of its kind. It's stocked every day (even more during the holidays) and sits right outside the gift shop.

    We've talked a lot about how technology has improved the vending industry, but does it get any better than this?

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