Our Top 5 Vending Machine Pranks

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    Having a vending machine in your office can provide more than just a cold beverage or tasty snack. Below is a list of videos we've compiled that involve Coke machines, Pepsi machines, and Snack machines being used as props to prank people. While we don't actually encourage customers to use their vending machines for anything other reason than buying soda and snacks, you can't help but get a good chuckle from these.

    1. These guys use a Pepsi machine to prank some people in Las Vegas. Well done, guys!

    2. A barman living inside a Coke machine provides top-shelf service. 

    3. This vending machine is serious about being healthy. It makes you work off your snacks!

    4. Okay, so this isn't technically a vending machine, but this is too funny not to be on our list.

    5. Perhaps our favorite vending machine prank of all time. None other than NBC's The Office: Jim & Dwight vending machine prank.


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