Connected Vending Machines: What They are and Why They Matter

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    Vending machine placementIt seems as though everything is connected to the internet these days. Name a device that isn't. Pretty difficult, right? Everything from thermostats to TVs to garage door openers has some form of online functionality. Even vending machines can connect to the internet. That's the world we live in. The world of the Internet of things, or IoT.

    This interconnection enables devices to send or receive data, which helps make our lives easier and more manageable. The same holds true for internet-connected vending machines. By bringing them online, vending operators can manage their daily operations more efficiently with:
    • Better route management
    • More accurate cash collection
    • Instant notifications for service issues

    Additionally, the use of internet-connected vending machines results in more cash collected. Suppliers can even make more money with fewer visits by eliminating waste.

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    What does this mean outside of vending operators?

    For customers it's simple: better service.

    Internet-connected vending machines at your location means suppliers are notified of service issues in real-time, which helps the operator resolve issues faster. Compare that to equipment that is not connected. You'd have to call in service problems when you have the time, adding a significant delay to the required service.

    Internet-connected vending machines also increase the accuracy of cash collection, resulting in more accurate commission payments.

    Better route management means your location will be serviced in a timely manner, not just whenever an operator is able to visit.

    Outside of vending customers, retailers can also benefit from internet-connected vending machines.

    We've talked about retailers using vending machines before. Part of the heightened interest in this concept is because of the internet-connected vending machines.

    With connected machines, retailers can keep track of sales.

    One company finding success with vending machines is Fastenal, a tool supply company. The company currently has over 80,000 internet-connected vending machines that sells products, which has a measurable impact on the company's 10% year-over-year growth.

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