5 Interesting Facts About Vending Machines You Didn't Know

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    Vending machine placement

    There are nearly 5 Million Vending Machines in the United States

    When you think of even the biggest chain stores (Walmart, Home Depot, Starbucks), the amount of their locations added up together don't even come close to the number of vending machines across the United States.

    Vending machines aren't just for sodas and snacks

    From pizza to cupcakes to office supplies, vending machines can dispense a variety of items.

    Some vending machines can automatically turn on and off

    It's called a vend miser, and the device is used to help reduce the amount of energy a vending machine uses. It works by a motion sensor, turning on when people use the machine. It also maintains certain temperatures to keep items cool, turning off at the right temperature.

    You can use an app to buy a Coke

    Coca-Cola created an app that allows customers to purchase drinks through an app. It uses artificial intelligence, and the machines are available at universities around the United States.

    Vending machines take more than just cash and coins

    The old days of vending machines are long gone. Many vending companies provide equipment that allows you to purchase products via credit card or Apple Pay.



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