Vary the Product Selection in Your Vending Machines

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    vending machine moneyThe whole point of having vending machines in your workplace is to offer a variety of snacks and beverages for employees or customers. When you get vending equipment installed, the last thing you want to do is stock them with products that nobody likes or not have enough variety among the selections. In short, your vending machines should be as diverse as your employees and customer's tastes. Be sure to provide items from these five categories when deciding what you want to have stocked in your vending machines. 

    1. Soda

    Coca-Cola and Pepsi are nearly synonymous with vending machines. People often want either one or the other. Despite soda sales having dipped a little in recent years, there's still great demand for soda vending machines. It's just a matter of deciding which is better for your office.  Both companies have dozens of other flavor choices to choose from. If your soda variety seems a bit stale, consider contacting your vending company to make some changes.

    2. Water

    Not everyone wants a fizzy soft drink. In fact, bottled water has become the bestselling beverage in recent years. People expect it to be sold wherever other drinks are offered. 

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    3.  Sweets

    Variety is just as important with your snack vending machines. Healthy items are popular, but sometimes you just need some chocolate. Make sure you have something sweet for employees or customers.

    4. Savory

    For those in your office that get cravings for something a bit more savory, have vending machine selections for potato chips and other salty products.

    5. Healthy Snacks

    As more and more people focus on their health, providing healthier options in your vending machine is important. While it can be difficult to offer fruit and vegetables due to packaging concerns, items such as peanuts and granola bars can offer the health-conscious employee some choices.


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