How to Get Vending Machines for Multiple Properties

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    Vending machines.jpgIf you wanted to get vending machines installed at each of your properties nationwide, where would you begin? Probably with Coca-Cola or Pepsi, right?  After all, both companies have a global presence--and you see their vending equipment everywhere--so it should be simple to set up a national plan with either company to provide vending services for more than one location. 

    But it's actually not that easy.

    In reality, neither company has the infrastructure to manage a national program. Both of them are divided up among different territories and ownership groups, so to get a Coke machine installed at each of your locations nationwide, you'd end up having to deal with several different contacts.

    How, then, can your company set up a national vending plan?  With a vending management company (VMC).

    A VMC serves as your contact for all the different suppliers. Instead of having to deal with multiple people about your vending needs, you'll have one contact for your entire portfolio.

    So whenever you have an issue with the vending at one of your locations, you don't need to sort through a dozen contacts. What's more, the commissions from the vending machines get consolidated as well. 

    Most VMC's have agreements in place with Coca-Cola and Pepsi, so you can still have a vending program based on your preference for one or the other, but it's something that will be managed separately.

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