How To Create A Company Break Room Your Employees Will Love

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     break roomA company's break room is an integral part of the modern workplace. Employees spend a great deal of their waking hours in the office, and they need a place to go where they can clear their mind for a few moments after a stressful meeting or phone call.

    According to a 2014 survey by Staples, 86% of employees feel that taking breaks throughout the workday improves their productivity. The same survey found that 59% suggested that regular breaks increased work satisfaction. Why not provide an environment for your employees that helps foster productivity and happiness?

    A lot of companies are realizing the importance of  investing the time and money into designing  break rooms that are unique and inviting. A bland room that looks more like a storage closet than a place to rest isn't fair to your employees and could have a negative impact on office morale.

    4 Ways To Create An Inviting Break Room

    1. Upgrade The Decor. Whether your industry occupies a creative or professional space, it's important to have decor that reflect your company's culture. Steer clear of mundane 'motivational' posters and hang some interesting artwork on the wall. If someone in the office is an artist, ask if they'd be willing to create something for the break room. Paint the room an interesting color to give it some character, and be sure invest in furniture that is comfortable. 

    2. Offer Free Coffee. Most people rely on caffeine to get themselves through the day. Having some quality coffee available in the break room is a huge bonus. A Keurig machine is always a good choice. Employees will feel more appreciated if their company takes the time and money to invest in good coffee services.

    3. Provide a TV and Games. It might seem counter-productive to have games available to play while at work, but it's a good way for the employees to mingle for a little while and blow off some steam. They could be something as simple as board games. Some companies offer arcade games and pool tables. Video games are another big hit in some companies. A TV is great because it allows employees to keep track of breaking news or special sporting events like the World Cup or the Olympics.

    4. Provide Food & Beverage Options. The obvious choice would be vending services that offer Coke, Pepsi, and snack machines, but some companies provide free food for their employees. Employees will greatly appreciate a break room with a home-like feel that is complete with cabinets, a sink, and a refridgerator stocked with tasty and healthy snack choices.

    A company office will always be a place for work, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull and uninspiring. It's okay to have a little fun while in the office. It helps break up the day, allows your employees to get to know one another and release a little stress. Small investments like those mentioned above go a long way in making people feel appreciated.







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