Get a Coke Machine for a Good Cause

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    Getting a Coke machine for your business does far more than provide a benefit for your staff and customers. Coke is notorious for being charitable and giving back to the community, most notably through the Coca-Cola Foundation. With each purchase of a beverage, people around the world are offered a helping hand.

    Since the FoundationÛªs inception in 1984, Coke has given millions of dollars in support of many causes. The company gave $117 million in 2015 alone to charity.

    That number is sure to give anyone Û÷all the feelsÛª. But what kinds of charities does the worldÛªs most popular brand support? Below are the different ways in which something as simple as a Coke machine in your office can help many people.

    The Coca-Cola Foundation's Areas of Priority

    Helping Women

    Coke has provided continued support to empower women and encourage entrepreneurship. From The Adelante Movement that helps bring financial literacy to Latinas through a webinar series, to helping migrant women in China get training and learn business skills, Coke is proud to support women around the globe. Check out this full list of contributions in 2015.

    Improving Access to Clean Water

    Realizing that clean water is essential to strong and healthy communities, Coke donates to causes that improve access to water such as The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation. Learn more about their water stewardship here.

    Health and Well-being

    The Coca-Cola Foundation supports active lifestyles that help fight against worldwide obesity. The Foundation gave $150,000 to the All-Russia Athletic Federation, a program that supports sporting events for hundreds of youth. See what other initiatives Coke takes to promote healthy lifestyles.

    The Coca-Cola Foundation also supports arts and culture programs, disaster relief, and HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness. It may be hard to believe that a Coke machine at your location can provide any sort of positive impact in millions of lives around the world. But it all adds up, and every little bit counts. 

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