Enhance Your Community Pool This Summer With These Tips

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    Group of people in a swimming pool enjoying their holidays.jpeg Summer is officially here. As a property manager for an apartment complex, you know what that means. Residents will be gathering at the community pool to take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days. Or, will they?

    We manage a lot of vending machines for apartment complexes. Community managers frequently contact us to request machines as a nice amenity for residents and to make the pool area more attractive. But there are other ways to improve the look and ambiance of your pool area. If it's lacking the enticing atmosphere it needs in order to attract your residents to come hang out and relax, try these ideas.

    3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Community Pool This Summer

    1. Landscaping

    Property managers would be remiss not to focus on the landscaping of the pool area. It's one of the first elements residents will take note of when they go to the pool. If it's not well-maintained it can prevent people from wanting to go for a swim. According to National Landscape Management,  proper landscaping can help attract people to a certain area. They suggest adding colorful flowers or some unique plants, and make sure the edges of the grass and plant beds have a clean, crisp look.

    2. Update The Patio

    Outdoor spaces are always a big hit with residents. The more attractive the better. If it's in your budget, consider updating the patio. Get some new furniture. Maybe a comfortable outdoor couch and chairs to create a lounge area. And, even though people will gather to be in the sun, add some shade for them to take a break from the heat. Pergolas and umbrellas are always a great addition to any pool area.

    3. Vending Machines

    Being out in the sun all day will make anyone thirsty. Sometimes there's nothing better than a cold, fizzy soda on those hot summer days, so adding a vending machine is always a great way to enhance your pool area. Take a poll from your residents to see if they have a preference for vending machines that sell Coke or Pepsi products first, then research local vending companies in your area to decide which service you want to use. If you already have vending equipment, but it's old or outdated, see if the supplier can replace them. Keep in mind, however, that sales volume plays a big role in their ability to do so.






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