Coke Cans Used As Material For Artwork

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    Before you throw away that Coke can you bought from your office vending machine, think again. What you see as a piece of trash, someone else might see as inspiration. Such is the case with Atlanta area doctor Scott Schulman, who spends his time away from his medical practice piecing together works art using a variety of material, including Coke cans. Hundreds of them. 

    Dr. Schulman created this fish for his office using 723 crushed cans of the various brands offered by Coca-Cola. ItÛªs an impressive 13 feet long.

    Also created by Dr. Schulman is this heart made out of Coke cans.

    Coca-Cola recently caught up with Dr. Schulman to discuss his projects and the inspiration for them. Check out the interview here.

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