Coca-Cola Flavors Offered In Vending Machines

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    Coca-Cola is one of the world's most recognizable brands and the leading beverage company for non-alcoholic drinks. It's not surprising that  70% of soda vending machines we manage are Coke machines. 

    With more than 500 brands offered world wide, there's a flavor for everyone. But what flavors are available through our vending management services? Below is a list of Coca-Cola flavors available in our service areas:

    Flavors Offered In Coca-Cola's Full Service Vending Machines*

    1. 20 oz. Bottle Choices:

    Cherry Coke Fuze Diet Iced Tea w/Lemon
    Cherry Zero Fuze Iced Tea w/Lemon
    Coca-Cola Mellow Yello
    Coke Zero Mellow Yello Zero
    Fanta Orange Minute Maid Lemonade
    Fanta Orange Zero Sprite
    Diet Coke Sprite Zero









    2. 12 oz. Can Choices:

    Cherry Coke Fuze Iced Tea w/Lemon
    Coca-Cola Mellow Yellow
    Coke Zero Minute Maid Lemonade
    Diet Coke Sprite
    Fanta Orange  

    3. 20 oz. Powerade Choices:

    Fruit Punch Mixed Berry Zero
    Fruit Punch Zero Mountain Blast

    4. 20 oz. Water Choices:

    Dasani Dasani w/Strawberry
    Dasani w/Lemon Smartwater

    5. 16 oz. Monster:

    Monster Original Lo-Carb
    Absolutely Zero Ultra Blue

    6. Full Throttle & NOS:

    Full Throttle Blue Agave
    Full Throttle Citru
    NOS Original

    7. 10 oz. Minute Maid:

    Apple Juice
    Orange Juice



    *Depending on your market area, some of these flavors might not be available.


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