Apple Pay And Other Mobile Payment Options For Vending Machines

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    In a previous blog post about credit card readers for vending machines, we discussed some of the issues of getting a device for vending equipment, mainly the cost associated with them. But a recent article by Vending Market Watch indicated that the fees cellular companies charge might be coming down in 2017.

    That's great news. Not only for those wanting credit card readers, but for all cashless systems that require a cellular connection.

    With mobile payment options on the rise, customers are increasingly asking us how to get Apple Pay for their vending machines. It's really quite simple.

    The vending company, whether it's Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or a local supplier, installs a cellular device on the machine. Provided it's within range of a wireless signal, customers can easily purchase drinks and snacks using Apple Pay, Android Pay, or credit cards.

    The devices still cost money, and monthly fees still apply. But if those fees will be reduced, vending operators will be able to provide more mobile technology on their equipment. 

    Several companies have already made significant strides towards providing mobile payment options and credit card access to machines. Coca-Cola vowed to have 100,000 machines accept Apple Pay in North America, and a lot of them now feature Android Pay as an option.

    However, as mentioned earlier the supplier needs to be confident that the sales on the machine will justify the costs. The lower costs of the mobile technology will certainly make it easier on vending companies to supply them, but they still need good sales volume from the equipment. That means the vending machine needs to be placed in a high-traffic area where the maximum amount of people at your location can easily access it.

    With consumer trends pointing toward more use of mobile payment options, one can only assume that more vending machines will have cashless capabilities.

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