6 Healthy Drinks for Vending Machines

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    woman drinking healthyHealthy drinks in a vending machine might seem like an oxymoron. After all, vending machines have traditionally been stocked with sugary sodas. But tastes have changed. People are more conscious of what types of foods and drinks they put into their bodies. Low-sugar options are high on their list. The good news is that those big soda brands do provide a variety of healthier beverage options.

    We're not talking items that are marketed as 'healthy' but still contain similar (if not more!) amounts of sugar as what's in a can of soda. We mean beverages that are actually healthy.

    If you're seeking healthy drinks to put in your vending machine, here are six products to consider.

    1. Honest Tea (Unsweetened)

    Honest Tea

    A Coca-Cola product, Honest Tea has a variety of flavors to choose from. But be careful: the sweetened versions do have added sugars and are not likely to be considered a healthy drink.

    2. Dasani Sparkling

    Dasani Sparkling

    Looking for that carbonation without the extra sugars? Dasani Sparkling makes for the perfect alternative. 0 calories and 0 added sugars means a refreshing, healthy beverage to pair with your meal. 

    3. Bubly


    Bubly is Pepsi's answer to the growing demand for calorie- and sugar-free alternatives to soda due to the enormous popularity and success of sparkling water giant La Croix. 

    4. Vitamin Water Zero

    Vitamin Water Zero

    Vitamin Water is another Coca-Cola brand that has had considerable success. While the original has a good deal of added sugars, Vitamin Water Zero is a much healthier drink to stock in your vending machine. It has no artificial sweeteners. Truvia and fructose--a natural fruit sugar--keeps it just sweet enough to be tasty.

    5. SoBe Water

    SoBe Water

    SoBe Water (previously known as SoBe Life Water) is Pepsi's version of vitamin infused drinks and makes for a good healthy drink.

    6. Bottled Water

    dasani 20oz

    There are many reasons to stock water in your vending machines, the least of which is it's the ultimate healthy drink.





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