7 Employee Wellness Programs for a Small Budget

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    group of people at the gym portrait.jpegHave you ever eaten a bunch of junk food then tried to do something active? How about lay around the house all day then suddenly attempt to clean out the closet that you've been meaning to organize for months? You probably weren't all that motivated to give it your best shot. Now, just think about this idea in terms of the workplace. How effective can employees be if they're not eating healthy and remain stationary nearly all day every day?

    It's really no secret that companies who implement employee wellness programs see a significant increase in productivity and happiness among their employees. However, a lot of companies who report great success with their wellness programs seem to have an endless budget. On-site fitness centers, childcare services, and full-size cafeterias are great if it's in the budget. But what if it's not? Here are seven low-cost wellness ideas that any company can easily implement.

    7 Small Budget Company Wellness Programs

    On-Site & Physical Activity Ideas

    1. Yoga Instruction. The benefits of yoga are plentiful. It improves flexibility and cardiovascular health, and can even help eliminate chronic disorders, such as lower back pain. Consider having a yoga instructor teach a class weekly or monthly.
    2. Create a Walking Path. Going for a walk can help reduce stress and give you energy. At nearly no cost at all, try designating a certain part of the company grounds for an area to walk, such as around the building.
    3. Walk-and-Talk Meetings. How many times have you sat in meetings where all you wanted to do was fall asleep? Try conducting them outside while walking. It gets everyone moving and keeps them engaged.
    4. Subsidize Gym Memberships. Building a full-sized fitness center is expensive, but offering to pay for some or half a gym membership could be helpful to some employees. It might be just the motivation they need to reach their fitness goals!

    A Healthier Approach to Food & Nutrition

    1. Offer Free Fruit & Vegetables. If your company break room has a refrigerator, consider purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables for employees. 
    2. Healthy Vending Options. A sugary drink or candy bar is a nice treat, and okay in moderation. Discuss healthy items to place in your vending machines with your supplier. If you don't have vending, you can get free vending services easily with healthier products.
    3. Nutrition Workshops. Being informed is half the battle when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. Hire a nutritionist to conduct a workshop at the office for employees to attend. They can learn the basics of eating healthy and how to exercise properly.
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