5 Vending Machines That Sell Travel Items

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    When you think of vending machines, you probably think about beverages and snacks. Rightfully so: Coca-Cola and Pepsi operate millions of machines around the world. Japan alone has 980,000 Coke machines.

    But companies that provide products other than sodas and chips are realizing the benefit of selling their items through vending machines. With each piece of equipment costing between $3,000 to $5,000, it's a more cost effective way to reach more customers.

    Below are some items you might come across in vending machines in your travels.

    5 Items Sold In Vending Machines Other Than Sodas Or Snacks


     1. Toiletries. Zoomsystems, a San Francisco, CA based company, provides companies like 3Floz a way to sell travel items through conveniently placed machines in airports. Whether your luggage was lost or you simply forgot to pack something, you can purchase the item from one of these vending machines.


    2. Cosmetics. Need to freshen up on the go? Sephora's got you covered. These vending machines offer offer 50 of the company's most popular products


    3. Umbrellas. If you find yourself caught in the rain without cover, there's nothing to fear. Companies like Vendabrolly provide umbrellas through their vending machines.


    4. Bicycle supplies. We've all been there. You're out for a ride and you get a flat tire and the only option is to walk your bike all the way home. Not anymore. Bikestock sells all kinds of bike accessories through Kiosks located in New York City. 


    5. Books. We've blogged about book vending machines before, but books are always worth talking about. Green Reads in Canada offers second-hand books for $2 each. 





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