5 Companies That Are Improving The Vending Industry

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    Vending machines have come a long way in recent years. New technology has helped improve virtually every aspect of the vending industry, from new payment options to how vendors manage their routes. Below are five companies that are paving the way to a better future for the vending industry.

    1. Routific

    This startup company produces software that reportedly helps delivery companies save 40% of driving time and fuel through their advanced algorithm. So far, they've made routes in 256 cities more efficient. 

    2. Vagabond Vending

    Another company that's brought some serious changes to the vending industry is Vagabond Vending. They provide a 'modern communications network' that can dramatically increase profit margins by 4 times the average. Their product helps vendors manage routes, inventory, and cash accountability. 

    3. Gimme Vending

    Are you a vendor wanting to easily pull DEX from your vending machines? This 'key' designed by Atlanta-based Gimme Vending can replace the need for handhelds while providing all the data needed from your equipment.

    4. Seed Coud

    Vendors often see as high as a 50% turn over in route drivers. Enter Seed Cloud by Cantaloupe Systems. Although a veteran among vending technology companies, Cantaloupe's new software will help operators retain drivers by providing software that makes their jobs easier by streamlining service and cash handling with pre-kitting, dynamic scheduling, and real-time service alerts.

    5. Apple Pay

    On the user experience end of vending, new reports show that Apple Pay is holding its own in regards to mobile payment solutions. While competition is strong from other companies such as Android Pay, Apple Pay is leading the pack so far.


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