3 Things To Consider When Installing A Vending Machine

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    Soda vending machines are a refreshing benefit that many business owners provide for employees and customers. But getting a machine installed takes some consideration, especially in regards to where the machine will be installed. Is the space where you plan to put it big enough? Can it support the weight of a machine? And, is there a proper electrical outlet nearby? As a provider of soda vending services, we know these things can make or break getting a soda machine placed.  So if you're looking to have a soda machine installed at your business, consider these important points first. 

    1.    The size of the machine

    Where you plan to install the machine is a huge factor to consider. Common places include break rooms or small areas designated for vending machines, but you'll need to make sure the machine will fit where you want it to go. While the measurement of the equipment varies among the different models, the standard dimensions are approximately 72" x 39" x 33". Check out our vending machine size guide for more information.

    2.    The weight of the machine

    Vending equipment is extremely heavy. A fully stocked soda machine can weigh up to 650-700 pounds. When considering a soda machine as an option for your location, you'll have to be sure the space you want it in can support that sort of weight. Making matters a little more complicated are stairs. While vending suppliers have special equipment to help get the machine up a flight of stairs, it can be dangerous if the stairs are old and not well supported, or difficult if the stairwell is narrow. 

    3.    The proper electrical outlet

    Most vending machines these days are very energy efficient and don't require any special voltage. However, if you want to install a soda machine for your location, you will need to be sure that there is a standard grounded outlet for the machine to be plugged into. This means a typical, 120-V outlet (the ones with 3 holes). Vending machines cannot be powered using extensions cords, as it is considered a fire hazard.

    As you can see, there are important factors that go into getting a soda machine installed for your business. Many problems can be overcome with minor adjustments on either the supplier or customer side, but it's good to know ahead of time what to expect. If you're looking for more information about getting a soda machine for your business, contact us today and we'll be glad to discuss your options.

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