10 Soft Drink Flavors From Around The World

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    While we Americans love a good soda, most of the world does, too. From fruity to bitter, people from around the world enjoy an ice-cold, fizzy drink from time to time. 

    If you've ever travelled outside the United States, you've probably seen vending machines in other countries that sell drinks you've never even heard of before. Including different flavors of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. 

    10 Different Sodas From Around The World

    1. Pepsi Ghost


     Pepsi's mystery flavor can be found in Japan. Customers have described it as a twist on Cherry Pepsi, while others say its flavors consist of pumpkin, chocolate, marshmellow, and even candy corn! 

    2. Thums Up


     One of the most popular colas in India, Thums Up is distributed by Coke. Fun fact: Thums Up makes an appearnce in the book Eat, Pray, Love and its movie adaptation.

    3. Jarritos


     This popular Mexican soda comes in a variety of flavors including pinapple, mango, guava, and lime.

     4. Foxton Fizz


    Foxton Fizz originated in New Zealand. It comes in many flavors, including lime, raspberry, lemonade, and more.

    5. Milkis


     This South Korean soda is made with milk (hence its name) and has a creamy texture and flavor.

    6. Mare Rosso


     A product of Spain, this soda has more of a bitter taste and is sold by Coca-Cola to rival Pepi's 'Bitter Kas' soft drink.

    7. Inca Cola


     Made in Peru, this popular soda has a flavor similar to cream soda. It's often used by chefs to add flavor to dishes.

    8. Jaffa


     An Orange-flavored soda, Jaffa is a popular in Sweden.

     9. Chinotto


     This Italian soda is made from the juice of the fruit from a myrtle-leaved orange tree and is sold by Coca-Cola as "Fanta Chinotto."

    10. Pepsi Mint & Lemon


     Another soda that Pepsi sells exclusively in Japan is their mint and lemon flavored drink.

     It's unlikely these flavors will make their way into vending machines here in the United States, but you never know. Have you tried any of them?





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