What Exactly Is A Healthy Vending Machine?

    Vending machines often get a bad rap. "They're full of junk food," many people say. For a long time, that was an accurate statement. But as eating habits have changed in recent years as many people are more conscious about the foods they consume, the vending industry has upgraded to provide products that align with healthier eating habits. Items that have fewer calories and are lower in sugar are frequently sold through vending machines. 

    Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners: The Pros and Cons

    It's the start of a new year, which means new resolutions for many people. If your goals include eating healthier, then perhaps you're taking a serious look at how much your sugar intake is each day and figuring out how to cut back on it. Maybe you've decided to replace some of your favorite snacks or drinks with sugar-free or diet versions. Whatever your approach, it's important to stay informed.

    7 Employee Wellness Programs for a Small Budget

    Have you ever eaten a bunch of junk food then tried to do something active? How about lay around the house all day then suddenly attempt to clean out the closet that you've been meaning to organize for months? You probably weren't all that motivated to give it your best shot. Now, just think about this idea in terms of the workplace. How effective can employees be if they're not eating healthy and remain stationary nearly all day every day?