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Vending Solutions, LLC. Enters Into Joint Venture with Pelican Communications

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Seattle, WA October 13, 2005 -- Vending Solutions announced it has entered into a new venture with Pelican Communications. Vending Solutions and Pelican Communications will work together to manage the vending and amusement services for a large resort group.

Both companies will provide a variety of different services to each resort and will include beverage vending machines, snack vending machines, crane vending machines, arcade games, and other types of amusement vending. The machines will help generate extra revenue for each resort as well as expand the services available to guests.

The goal of the new partnership is to combine the unique skill sets of each company and maximize customer satisfaction. Vending Solutions specializes in providing beverage and snack vending machines while Pelican Communications specializes in amusement vending and arcade vending machines. Together the two vending companies complement each other perfectly.

“I am really excited to work with Pelican Communications. They bring a lot of experience to the table. I know that together we can be the best answer for vending services to a whole new level of client utilizing a much more broad platform” said Daniel Dermody, Director of Internet Sales and Marketing when asked about Pelican. “ I want to work with them to help improve and get the word out about our new combined vending services.”

In the coming years Vending Solutions plans add more leisure businesses to their growing portfolio. Pelican Communication will be an invaluable partner in the future success of resort vending. Both companies are currently working to put together more vending programs for many other key industries.

“There is a great opportunity to grow and reach out to more companies and explain the success of our revenue generating programs. The expansion of vending machines into new markets in limitless. The potential of this new vending services relationship is also limitless,” added Mr. Dermody.

Vending Solutions is a national vending management company that specializes in vending machines and vending services. Vending Solutions provides free full service vending machines to companies of 40 employees or more. Vending Solutions services a wide variety of locations including schools, malls, and many other locations.

Vending News Release Archive

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