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Vending Solutions, LLC. Hires Lloyd Hawes as National Sales Associate

Seattle, WA September 21, 2005 -- Vending Solutions announced today the hire of Lloyd Hawes as National Sales Associate. His new position will involve working personally with clients to develop efficient nationwide vending programs.

Mr. Hawes brings over 10 years of sales experience to the Vending Solutions' sales team. His most recent experience was as a financial consultant for American Express. Vending Solutions plans on utilizing his sales experience to maximize their vending service programs.

Mr. Hawes will act as a consultant to prospects conveying the benefits of a managed vending program. He also will specialize in all types of vending machines and vending services. In addition to snack and beverage machines, he will also work on programs involving arcade and amusement machines, bulk vending and cranes.

"Vending Solutions' value proposition intrigued me. I enjoy working with client companies to increase efficiency and revenues. The service Vending Solutions provides does just that," said Mr. Hawes in regards to the new position. "I look forward to helping Vending Solutions and its clients be successful."

"I really enjoy working with Lloyd. He is picking up everything so quickly, it's amazing," said Daniel Dermody, Director of Internet Sales & Marketing, who works closely with Mr. Hawes. "He absorbs vending information like a sponge. It is obvious he has great phone skills. I think that we are going to experience a big jump in sales in the near future. It's exiting to be working here and see the company grow. I hope we can add more people like Lloyd to our department "

Vending Solutions is growing its sales force to open up new vending markets and opportunities. In the past, Vending Solutions suite of services centered around beverage and snack machines. This past year has seen an expansion of their market share to include crane machines, bulk machines, video machines, photo booths and other various types of vending machines.

As the company changes and grows, more sales professionals are being added to specialize in the new markets. Lloyd Hawes will help ensure Vending Solutions future success in these markets.

Vending Solutions is a national vending management company that specializes in vending machines and vending services. Vending Solutions provides free full service vending machines to companies of 40 employees or more. Vending Solutions services a wide variety of locations including resorts, malls, and many other locations.

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