What Property Managers Should Know About Vending Machine Services

    Being a property manager can be very demanding. Whether it's a tenant, maintenance issues, or an owner, there's always someone or something that unexpectedly needs your attention. Vending machines are no different. And, if you're like most people, you've never given much thought to them (unless one stole your money).

    Why Vending Machines Reject Your Money

    How many times have you stood in front of a vending machine trying to get it to accept your dollar bill? Probably more than you care to admit. We understand your frustration. Any cashier would gladly accept the same dollar bill, so why won't the vending machine take your money? The answer is at once complicated and simple, and lies in how the dollar bill validator works. 

    Why Your Property was Denied a Vending Machine

    How come we can't get a vending machine for every location? It's one of the most common questions we get from customers in our vending management programs. If our agreement is to manage vending for all the properties in a company's portfolio, then every property should have vending, right? The answer isn't necessarily clear-cut. It's actually a bit of a gray area that involves a variety of factors. 

    What To Do With An Abandoned Vending Machine On Your Property

    Some time ago, you or a previous manager signed up for vending machine services at your property. Things were great for a while, and your staff, customers, or residents had a convenient way to purchase drinks and snacks.